Easotic Ear Cleanser: Clean, Clear Comfort for Itchy Ears, Now 25% Off

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Easotic Ear Cleanser: Clean, Clear Comfort for Itchy Ears, Now 25% Off

Easotic is a gentle ear cleanser and drying agent formulated to clean, dry and deodorize a dog’s ears. For Prime Day, Easotic’s full line of ear care products for dogs are available at 25% savings so you can relieve your dog’s irritated or inflamed ears and provide lasting comfort for less today.

Veterinarian Formulated and Recommended

Easotic Ear Cleanser is formulated by veterinarians specifically for the pH balance and structure of canine ears. Soothing aloe, chamomile and eucalyptus work together to clean, deodorize and dry ears while maintaining natural moisture levels. For acute inflammation or dog’s with excess ear wax and debris, Easotic provides a safe, non-toxic solution for managing ear health and providing relief when problems flare up. Easotic is a go-to brand for vet surgeons and dermatologists nationwide.

Gentle, Soothing Botanicals

Easotic Ear Cleanser relies on natural extracts like witch hazel, tea tree oil and yucca leaf to gently clean and deodorize ears instead of harsh chemicals. Soothing aloe, chamomile, and eucalyptus provide itch relief and moisture balance for healing. Sweet almond oil acts as an emollient to soften wax and other buildup for wiping away without irritation. This all-natural formula provides comfort without toxins, steroids or prescription antibiotics.

For Routine Hygiene or Problem Ears

Easotic Ear Cleanser is safe and effective for both routine maintenance and issue treatment in dogs. For clean ears, it prevents overgrowth of yeast and bacteria while removing loose wax and dirt. When problems arise like odor, inflammation, mites or excess wax, Easotic provides a first-step solution for home management and relief before the vet. Their whole line of cleaners, dryers, wipes and spot treatments ensures clear, comfortable ears in dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds.

Save 25% Off Ear Care Essentials

Typically $12-$24 for solutions and wipes, Easotic ear care products for dogs are now $9-$18 this Prime Day (25% savings). Stock up on:

  • Easotic Ear Cleanser – 8 ounce bottle. Was $15.99, Now $11.99
  • Easotic Ear Dryer – 4 ounce bottle. Was $12.99, Now $9.74
  • Easotic Ear Wipes – 50 count. Was $19.99, Now $14.99

Health starts within, at whatever pace each day allows. For dogs plagued by misery in the ear, solace often lies beyond their power to heal. Easotic grant relief and reprieve in formulae gentle, botanicals prove soothe what inflamed inner earscape. Discomfort to comfort, at a cost less dear – this transformation’s close at 25% off, clean without kick or tear! Together quiet what corrupts canine’s calm within, ear care essentials for whole-body ease from fetal pinnae zenith. However budget sags, some interventions outweigh expense; invest in wellbeing from core out for contentment’s recompense.