Improve Ear Health for Your Dog with Easotic Ear Cleansers and Wipes on Amazon Prime Day

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Improve Ear Health for Your Dog with Easotic Ear Cleansers and Wipes on Amazon Prime Day

Easotic produces high-quality ear cleansers and wipes for dogs to help improve ear hygiene and prevent infections. With regular use of Easotic cleansers, you can significantly reduce wax buildup, irritation, and bad odors in your dog’s ears. For dog owners on Amazon Prime Day, Easotic frequently offers deals and discounts on their most popular ear care products.

Easotic Ear Cleanser

Easotic’s flagship product is their Ear Cleanser solution. Made with all-natural ingredients, the Ear Cleanser gently dissolves wax and debris. On Prime Day, Easotic often offers promotions on their cleanser such as:

  • 30% off 4 oz bottle: For smaller breed dogs or shorter haired breeds prone to infections, a 30% discount makes the Ear Cleanser affordable for regular use.
  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free bundle: The bundle allows shoppers to stock up with an extra cleanser bottle for free.
  • Lightning Deal: 40% off 8 oz bottle: For a limited time, the 40% off Lightning Deal on the larger size creates urgency for shoppers to buy before the deal ends.

Easotic Ear Wipes

In addition to the cleanser solution, Easotic offers Ear Wipes for on-the-go ear cleaning and deodorizing. The gentle, pre-moistened wipes are safe for daily use to remove wax, reduce odors, and keep ears clean in between baths. On Prime Day, shoppers can find:

  • $2 off coupon for 20-count Ear Wipes: The $2 off coupon makes the Ear Wipes more affordable, especially for convenient cleanings while traveling or camping with dogs.
  • Free 1-day shipping on orders over $25: Free expedited shipping provides extra incentive for shoppers to choose Easotic for their dog’s ear care needs.

Essentials for Ear Health

With regular use of Easotic’s ear cleanser and wipes, dog owners can keep their dog’s ears clean and prevent infection. By removing excess wax, debris, and odors from your dog’s ears, Easotic’s products promote health, comfort, and fewer veterinary visits. On Amazon Prime Day, Easotic’s frequent promotions and discounts make their high-quality ear care accessible to more dog owners in need of relief from irritated, inflamed ears.