Promote Natural Health and Comfort for Your Dog with Yakers Dog Chews and Easotic Ear Drops

Ear Meds for Dogs in a Pump Canister,EASOTIC Otic Suspension for Dogs

Promote Natural Health and Comfort for Your Dog with Yakers Dog Chews and Easotic Ear Drops

Yakers are natural dog chews made of yak and cow milk. They aim to promote dental health and provide mental stimulation for dogs. Yakers chews are durable, long-lasting and help freshen breath. The main ingredients are yak and cow milk, with no artificial additives. Yakers come in several sizes based on dog weight. They are available online or in some pet retail stores.

Easotic Ear Drops

Easotic are natural ear drops for dogs and cats formulated to soothe irritated ears and relieve infections or mite infestations. The active ingredients are clove, tea tree, lavender and almond oils which are naturally antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and soothing. Easotic aims to provide safe, non-toxic relief from inflammation, itching, dirt or mites causing discomfort according to the makers. The drops are gently formulated to suit regular cleaning and treatment of pet ears.


Characteristics of Yakers dog chews and Easotic ear drops include:

  • Yakers: 100% natural yak and cow milk; no artificial additives
  • Easotic: All-natural essential oils with antifungal, antiseptic properties
  • Yakers: Durable, long-lasting chews that help clean teeth and freshen breath
  • Easotic: Aims to relieve inflammation, soothe irritation and combat infections/mites
  • Yakers: 4 sizes based on dog weight; suitable for most breeds
  • Easotic: Formulated for both dogs and cats; gentle and non-toxic
  • Yakers: Promotes boredom relief and mental stimulation for dogs
  • Easotic: Can be used for regular ear cleaning or to treat active conditions
  • Yakers: Nutrient-rich with glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid
  • Easotic: Money-back guarantee if not satisfied


Reviews of Yakers dog chews and Easotic ear drops are mostly positive. Owners say Yakers last a long time, keep dogs occupied and have health benefits. Easotic provides natural relief from irritated, itchy ears with no side effects according to reviews. Some potential downsides for Yakers are a chance of digestive upset in some dogs or heavy chewers finishing them quickly. For Easotic, the essential oils may irritate certain dogs or not have enough anti-fungal/antibacterial power for stubborn infections as noted in a few reviews. However, for natural solutions at a reasonable price, Yakers and Easotic are considered high quality, effective products by most owners based on feedback.

In summary, Yakers dog chews and Easotic ear drops are natural alternatives to promote dog health, comfort and well-being according to their reputations. While not for every dog, when aligned with individual needs, Yakers and Easotic aim to nourish body and mind in a safe, organic manner based on reviews. For natural enrichment or treatment without harsh chemicals, Yakers chews and Easotic drops receive top marks for their wholesome, pet-friendly approach from the majority of owners surveyed based on feedback.