Virbac Easotic Ear Drops for Itchy, Infected Ears in Dogs

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Virbac Easotic Ear Drops for Itchy, Infected Ears in Dogs

Is your dog constantly scratching or shaking their head? They may have an ear infection that requires veterinary treatment. Virbac Easotic Ear Drops are an effective medication that provides relief for dogs with inflamed, infected ears.

What is Virbac Easotic?

Virbac Easotic contains two active ingredients to treat ear infections in dogs:

  • Hydrocortisone acetate – Reduces swelling and itching
  • Miconazole nitrate – Antifungal that kills yeast and bacteria

This fast-acting medication provides anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. It helps clear up infections caused by yeast, bacteria, and allergies.

How to Use

Virbac Easotic is easy to administer. Follow these steps:

  1. Clean inside the ear canal with a vet-approved cleanser
  2. Apply 4-8 drops of Virbac Easotic into the affected ear
  3. Gently massage the base of the ear to work the drops down
  4. Use 1-2 times daily for 7-14 days, or as directed by your vet

Be sure to finish the entire course of treatment, even if symptoms resolve earlier.

Benefits of Virbac Easotic

Virbac Easotic provides these advantages:

  • Relieves itchiness, redness, and pain
  • Treats yeast, bacterial, and fungal infections
  • Restores ear health and prevents reoccurrence
  • Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks old

For effective relief of infected, inflamed ears in dogs, Virbac Easotic Ear Drops are a top choice that provides fast-acting, veterinarian-approved treatment.